EBC is run by a committee of students. The Captains and Secretary are elected at the Club’s AGM, traditionally held on Suicide Sunday, and others are appointed directly by the Captains themselves.

If you would like to get in touch, the following email addresses will always redirect to the right person:


  • Captain of Boats and Women’s Captain: Catherine Gorrie
  • Men’s Captain: Thomas Eveson
  • Secretary: Ben Harris
  • Vice Captain: Dominic Kirkham
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Charles Powell & Emma Crofts
  • Women’s Lower Boat’s Captains: Rose Arbuthnot & Rebecca Walker
  • Men’s Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Henry Walsh
  • Women’s Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Kate Hawkins
  • Coxing Representative: Michael Scoones


  • Captain of Boats and Women’s Captain: Megan Armishaw
  • Men’s Captain: Thomas Garry
  • Secretary: Rob Peacock
  • Vice Captain: Callum Mantell
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Thomas Eveson & Kalyan Mitra
  • Women’s Lower Boat’s Captains: Claire Restarick & Maddy Taylor
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Georgia Hughes
  • Coxing Representative: Katherine Cook


  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Callum Mantell
  • Women’s Captain: Lucy Allen
  • Secretary: Anita Holender
  • Vice Captain: Tom Roe
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Pete Welch & Rob Peacock
  • Women’s Lower Boat’s Captains: Megan Armishaw & Rachel Lewis
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Gemma Pimlott
  • Coxing Representative: Will Price


  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Adam Brown
  • Women’s Captain: Zoë Maikovsky
  • Secretary: Charlie Softley
  • Vice Captain: Alice Rees
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Tom Le Feuvre & Anita Holender
  • Women’s Lower Boat’s Captains: Bella Bird & Ellie Cox
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Scott Li
  • Coxing Representative: Erenie Mullens-Burgess

2014-2015Sprints Marshalling Map

  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Richard Bolton
  • Women’s Captain: Alexandra Logan
  • Secretary: Rafa Baptista
  • Vice Captain: Daisy Savage
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Caspar Hammond & Adam Brown
  • Women’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Alice Parsons & Lucy Thomas
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Zoë Maikovsky
  • Coxing Representative: Callum Mantell


  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Andrew Lees
  • Women’s Captain: Mary Beadles
  • Secretary: Natasha Branch
  • Vice Captain: Callum Mantell
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Richard Bolton & Rafa Baptista
  • Women’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Rachel Tulley & Daisy Savage
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Cathy Smith
  • Coxing Representative: Tim Davies


  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Matt Pooley
  • Women’s Captain: Elisabeth Matthews
  • Secretary: Joe Greener
  • Vice Captain: Nick Chilvers
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Gina Plant Cabrita & Harry Boscawen
  • Women’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Alice Rees, Katie Westlake & Grace Canning
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Mary Beadles
  • Coxing Representative: Tim Davies


  • Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain: Nick Chilvers
  • Women’s Captain: Diane Esson
  • Secretary: Charlotte McClean
  • Vice Captain: Matt Naish
  • Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Joe Greener & Alex Bagley
  • Women’s Lower Boats’ Captains: Lizi McLoughlin & Emily Day
  • Puddles Club (Social) Secretary: Abi Perrin
  • Coxing Representative: Callum Mantell