Draw and Live Results

Draw and Live Results

    The draw can be updated up to 24 hours before racing, so keep an eye on this page. Before racing begins, a number from 1-16 will appear next to each crew which indicates your initial marshalling position.

    On race day, this page is updated live as results come in. Remember that results sometimes do change, and that the marshals’ decision is final.

    Overall winners

    Race status



    M3/W3 division

    Marshalling time: 09:10am

    W2 division

    Marshalling time: 10:35am

    M2 division

    Marshalling time: 12:00am

    W1 division

    Marshalling time: 1:20pm

    M1 division

    Marshalling time: 14:40pm

    Past winners


    • W3/M3 Division: Trinity Hall NM2
    • W2 Division: Hughes Hall NW1
    • M2 Division: First and Third NM2
    • W1 Division: Emmauel NW1
    • M1 Division: Caius NM1


    • W3/M3 Division: Queen’s NM3
    • W2 Division: First and Third NW2
    • M2 Division: Caius NM2
    • W1 Division: First and Third NW1
    • M1 Division: Queens’ College Boat Club NM1


    • W3/M3 Division: Christ’s NM3
    • W2 Division: Churchill NW1
    • M2 Division: First and Third NM2
    • W1 Division: Fitzwilliam NW1
    • M1 Division: First and Third NM1


    • W3/M3 Division: Newnham NW2
    • W2 Division: Jesus NW1
    • M2 Division: Jesus NM1
    • W1 Division: Clare NW1
    • M1 Division: Fitzwilliam NM1


    • W2 Division: Sidney Sussex WNA
    • M2 Division: Churchill – VIII in the pink
    • W1 Division: Christ’s NW1
    • M1 Division: Jesus NM1 – Jesus and the Disciples
    • Best Costume: Churchill – Monopo-lads


    • W2 Division: Selwyn Kamikazes
    • M2 Division: Christ’s M2
    • W1 Division: Churchill W1
    • M1 Division: Clare AssasinVIII
    • Best Costume: Jesus M1 – Viking boat