Emma Sprints

As our usual 7th Sunday of term isn’t available this year, EBC will be holding the Emma Sprints regatta on the 6th Sunday of Michealmas term this year, primarily intended for novice VIIIs from Cambridge college boat clubs. For many people Sprints is their first taste of racing, and we aim to make it fun and enjoyable for all. Costumes are expected, bribes are encouraged and mince pies are provided to every racing crew! Racing takes place in both directions along the Long Reach, with all crews guaranteed at least two races.

Emma Sprints 2016 will take place on Sunday 13th November. We look forward to seeing you there! Here are the essential details…

  • All crews are guaranteed at least two races!
  • All crews receive free mince pies!
  • Fancy dress is expected!
  • Division winners win tickets to Emma Cocktails!
  • The crew with the best costume will be awarded with pineapples!

More information and entry details are available here.